First of all, I want to let you know what happened these months. 

We had an amazing month in Sydney. Thank you so much Robin, Dewi and Elzyel for all the hospitality in Sydney! You guys are really a humble and great family. Thank you our landlord, Fonzi for all the fun and accomodation. I remember when we were freezing to death *lebay, you helped us got warmer. I miss your voyage voyage song.. lol

We moved from Sydney to Perth because Anthony gets IT job in Perth. As I told you before in here, it’s hard to get a white collar job in Australia because of our visa restriction and skill requirement. So when he got it and even though it’s only three months contract, we won’t let this opportunity go away.


Sekarang kami berada di Perth dan so far so good. We spent our first christmas in Australia and it was amazing. Now we are looking forward for New Year Eve!

Terima kasih buat para pembaca yang sudah mengikuti blog ini, terutama berhubungan dengan Work & Holiday Visa (WHV). Komentar di salah satu post bahkan mencapai 200an komen. Saya juga menerima banyak chat di IG atau Line. Sorry kalau lama balasnya ya.

Semoga perjalanan kita semua lancar selalu. Semoga saya juga bisa tetap sharing di blog ini.